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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a computer learning environment focusing on inclusion to bridge the gap that many communities have issues crossing. Maxwell University, a product of DAIR, will be our platform to reach the urban communities and surrounding areas of Atlanta. We will build a robust and comprehensive pipeline of support services to familiarize, support, and teach marginalized communities; therefore, opening additional opportunities that were not available. The focus, to start, will be on people who are age appropriate by law to use computer programs & applications on a variety of devices creating an ecological unit of machine learning.

Vision Statement

ATL Alumni Inc is a Charitable Non-Profit organization dedicated to improving challenging economic issues around the globe by improving the lives of those who are directly impacted because of a lack of qualitative and quantitative resources in their urban community. ATL Alumni in conjunction with DAIR (Digital Air Tech) will provide resources to advance communities in the areas of Education, Finance, and Health.

Getting Inspired to Breakdown Barriers

From Legacy to Life. The Clear Road to Automation

Our goal is to cultivate new and exciting youth and high school career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM). We will also inspire partnerships and collaborative services for our seniors by providing reliable services that encourage healthy living, provide food for the hungry and shelter for our homeless, including our homeless Veterans.



ALT Alumni Active in the Community

ATL Alumni (2016), will serve as a catalyst for change, living and working alongside community stakeholders to create a counter narrative to the current framework that is in place and the result of a racially favored economic system. With the aid of technology we will work to close the existing gap based on fundamental challenges pressing the most disadvantaged body of people.

We’re Making Changes in Our Community


We are striving to make our community a better place. The driving force behind
our efforts is education and a commitment to students, athletes, the elderly,
veterans and entrepreneurs. By providing these communities with access to
opportunities that primarily come from networking and collaboration, we’re able
to ensure sustainability and create success through platforms in technology that
cover topics in Finance, Health, Education and Technology.

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Our Commitment is to provide hope to those who feel hopeless. Through our community partnership with Digital AIR Technologies we will build a robust and complete pipeline of support services that will uplift the most disadvantaged in all areas of life, building stronger generations through a holistic approach

Providing solutions in technology

We will work in conjunction with DAIR to provide solutions that create an impact in Tech, Finance, Education and Business within our communities.

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