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Are you interacting with the Internet? Do you know that you are creating your footstep there? Someone is there who is accumulating your data from the Internet.  This someone is a data scientist who collects your data, analyzes these in a scientific form and makes a decision for you. You have to tried to find out all about data science through many things but you are not satisfied. Don’t worry, we are here for you.

Let me give you an applicable example to help you to understand. Suppose a person called Robert works as a Product Manager in a company called X. He only handles a single brand called brand A. There are a total of four thousand employees that work under Robert. For the last six months, this brand called X is in the undergrowth. In a meeting, Robert asks for some data through a survey in the market within a month. All the employees have submitted their data to Robert. Now, as per all submitted data, Robert has designed a scientific strategy to improve the business. The data scientist also works the same.

These days there are many career options you will find in data science that we will discuss. We will explain the courses to be a data scientist, job opportunities in the field of data science and future growth. At the end of this article we will explain six career opportunities related to data science. So, ATL Alumni invites you to give this article your full attention.

Who is a data scientist?

First, you need to know that what data is. It is nothing but information that you consume daily. In easy terms, here you are reading this article by ATL Alumni Connect. That means now you are consuming the data that you got from your data provider. Data may be anything like numbers, characters, symbols, images, etc., which a computer can process. Data is meaningless. According to Google, the amount of data generated every day is 2.5 quintillion bytes.

We know that a scientist is one who does experiments. The one who investigates data and brings out great information through it is called a data scientist. So, in short, a data scientist does experiments with data. Harvard business review describes this data science job as the sexiest job of the 21’st century.

How does a data scientist work?

You are searching for so many things in a different browser and search engine. That means you have a search pattern. Similarly, every person has a search pattern. Suppose you are searching about mobile phones in the browser. Then different companies will show you the advertisements for other mobile phones. Have you ever thought about how these companies know that you now need a mobile phone and want to buy it!

That means someone as a data scientist is collecting, managing, researching, and analyzing your data and providing it to a particular company.This is how almost every company increases its business. The reason for this incremental business is that this company is showing the proper advertisement to a suitable customer.

They don’t just understand the data, they analyze it and then draw insight from it. Their responsibilities include using machine learning to solve a challenging problem, utilizing NLP and advanced statistics to extract insights, analyzing and interpreting data to achieve business goals.

Criterias to be a data scientist:

It would be best to have a stronghold on different languages like C++, Java, Python, R, etc. Data scientists use the two most prominent languages and these are R and Python. A data scientist must know few things like data mining, data research, data analysis, and database management.

This was the background only. Along with it, the core is statistics and mathematics. You should be interested in these two parameters if you want to be a perfect data scientist because there you can see the uses of the algorithm of these two.

Courses to be a data scientist:

You must complete language-related courses like B.C.A, B.S.C, B-TECH in Computer Science. You can do these courses after completing your 12’th grade. You will learn that is how the basic things work in data science.

However, never think that you will be a data scientist after completing these courses. Research says maximum data scientists have a minimum of 4 to 4.5 years of experience. Experience is more important here in this field of data science. 40% of this data science market is in the U.S., 30% of this market is in the U.K, 15% of this market is in India and 15% of this data science market is in other countries.

The maximum demand for this data science job is in the field of TECH and IT companies. There is also great demand for data scientists in the field of banking and finance sector.

Six more career options related in data science:

In this article we have explained all about data science like its definition, courses and career opportunities along with a career option being a data scientist. Now we will give you six more career options in data science.

Data Analyst:

A data analyst is a real crewman in the data science field. Some of the important things in their work are gathering data, structuring databases and creating and running models. But they do not stop here, they prepare advanced types of analysis which help to define the patterns in the surfaced data.

Business Intelligence Analyst:

Their only purpose is business improvement. They improve its competitive positioning, identify issues and best practices, and create great graphs and dashboards.

Machine Learning Engineering:

It helps machines to identify and analyze the pattern by historical data sets. With this database, this system learns classification and decisions without any human supervision. Programming skills and even robust statistics are needed for them. They also need knowledge of software engineering.


Their work is not only to read maths. They strictly follow this process of Data interpretation, data analysis and data collection. Then they refer to individuals or companies after display about the future trends. These trends may be business, fashion or product trends. Nowadays a statistician’s demand has increased because of big data.

Additionally, two more interesting career options are Data Engineer and Data Architect which are related to data science skills.

In conclusion, we have explained seven career opportunities with data science for you. A separate skill set is needed for every career option. We hope this article will broaden your knowledge in data science. We have shared all the basics about data science like definition, courses, career opportunities. Our mission is to fill all the gaps inside your knowledge box in terms of technology. If you are willing to know about programming languages then recently we have published an article on Python Basics. Go through that article by click here. If you like our team efforts, please donate by clicking on the donate option on our website, We are a 501c3 and your charitable contributions are tax deductible. You also can chat with us any time to ask your query.

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