Computer Dominance Provides Infinite Opportunities

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Hey, we all realize the importance of computers in this age of digitalization but there is more you need to know. In this blog, we will share with you a key that will open so many doors of opportunity. We, the ATL Alumni team, are presenting this information to you.

What is the importance of Computer Literacy?

In this age of digitalization, we find a great divide in our community where computer literacy is still almost an unknown variant. To determine the value of this subject, we need to find what people are using in developed countries and the opportunities it presents. Let’s analyze a single country that is highly developed in computer education.

Analysis of Japan in Computer Literacy:

Our digital moves are increasing every day with our use of online opportunities and technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. Japan is highly developed in this digital innovation so we researched the reason behind its success. In this article, we will share those findings with you.

The country is committed to providing high-class education in the computer education field and we found that every student is very proficient there. This foundation is laid starting from primary school and no single school is excluded.

The main focus of this country was a business improvement with the help of technology. They knew that without the knowledge of computer education they would not be able to spread their dominance in technology.

Japan is always #1 in terms of technology. There is only 4% unemployment in Japan and the credit goes to 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and digital marketing. They are the leaders in the AI field. As far as the world’s Robotic industry, 50% of the robots are from Japan. The world’s most advanced technologists are from Japan. A country can develop easily if it is enriched with technology but it is impossible with the help of computer education. When you return any book to a Japanese library it is cleaned using UV technology which would not be possible without computer knowledge!  They even make waterproof mobiles with the help of technology.

So, we now understood the reasons behind Japan’s development in technology. As of 2018 in Japan, there were 22,000 enterprises related to the software industry.

What actions should we take as a community to improve our dominance in technology?

To find the actions necessary by our community to improve their dominance in technology, we will list them here.

First – We should make sure that each & every student is getting their computer education starting at the primary level. This should be a compulsory subject in every school. additionally, also we must think about safe and Secure Cyberspace.

Second – Not only is theoretical knowledge mandatory, but so is the practical knowledge of a computer. That is why there must be sufficient computers available in every school.

Third – Government should encourage all Industrialists to improve their technology and come forward with innovations. While a country like India is taking another step on artificial intelligence, we can not be silent.

Fourth – When anything is free and easily accessible people pay more attention. Similarly, computers and the internet should be easily accessible for everyone in our community. In this way, digital adoption will increase with the digital economy. In short, we have to make a digital infrastructure with high-speed internet available to every citizen.

This article has shared multiple ways to improve the technical aspect of your computer knowledge. We all have to make our digital identity and link our education and finance digitally. This task is impossible to achieve without computer education and that is why we always seek to help you to improve your digital journey. We hope you enjoy reading our blogs and will donate to us by clicking on the donation link on the homepage of ATL Alumni Connect. We are a 501c3 and your gifts are tax-deductible. You also can chat with us. Thank you for your interest in our blogs.

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